Windows Network Troubleshooting Exercise 1

Command Line Exercise

The PC in our virtual command prompt is having trouble communicating on the network. Use the following steps to troubleshoot the connection.

Type the HELP command in the virtual command prompt to begin

Exercise 1

Start by using ping to check connectivity with


Exercise 2

Definitely some connectivity issues there, let's check our IP configuration


Exercise 3

The configuration looks fine, try to ping the default gateway to check for local connectivity.


Exercise 4

Doesn't look like we have local connectivity either, try getting a new IP Address using DHCP. Start by clearing the current configuration.

ipconfig /release

Exercise 5

Now that we have released our IP Configuration, use a command to get a new one via DHCP

ipconfig /renew

Exercise 6

Notice our default gateway, subnet mask, and IP address have all changed. Try to ping the new default gateway to check for connectivity.


Exercise 7

Great! Internal connectivity seems to be working, try contacting the Crucial Exams servers to verify internet connectivity.


Woo-hoo, you're done! You successfully completed all the command line exercises.

What you did: Verified the issue, found the root cause, implemented a solution, verified the solution.

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